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Tuxedo Wedding Accessories Miami

Tuxedo Wedding Accessories Miami. These Hand-Made in USA ascot and cravat ties are a fine, special touch for your wedding and formal event attire.  I & A Formalwear and Tuxedo Accessories offer a large selection of hand-made in USA, ascot and cravat ties in many colors to choose from.  Whether you are seeking refined classics or a modern look, I & A Formalwear and Tuxedo Accessories can assist you. Walk-Ins are welcome for last minute Italian men suits, tuxedos, and accessories.

  • Product: Name, Ceremonia cravat tie.
  • Product: Size, Cravat tie 16”L X 5”W.
  • Product: Delivery, free ground shipping within the continental USA.
  • Product: Style #TACGB -Color champagne fabric.
  • Product: Material, fine silk.


For information regarding cravat and ascot tie style, prices, color and fabric content, please e-mail us at:, call (305) 444-5451. Visit us at store location, 252 Miracle Mile; Coral Gables, FL. 33134 (fifteen minutes from Miami airport.)


Tuxedo Wedding Accessories Miami.

Ceremonia and Ascot Cravats ties hand made in the USA, using the finest silk and poly satin fabrics. Each Cravat is made with every detail in mind, creating a unique and stunning accent for your special occasion. The Ceremonia Cravats have Velcro closure that is customized to each neck size. Each knot is 3 inches in width, while the body of the tie is 5 inches in width by 17 inches in length. There are a variety of vests available to match each Cravat. For vest pairings, please contact us directly and we can suggest the vest styles and colors for you.

Tuxedo Wedding Accessories Miami. The Ceremonia Cravat is currently available in the following colors in a variety of solids, stripes, and brocades:

  • Ivory \ Pearl
  • Black / White
  • Silver / Grey / Gold

When the occasion is black tie and formal, like a wedding, prom, or dinner party, the style and classic elegance of European and American designers are always in fashion. There are many distinctive styles to choose from, so that you can find exactly what you want. Of course, a silk Italian fitted shirt, formal designer shoes, cravat or bow-tie, vest, and jewelry will be the final touch. The next time the occasion is special and the dress code is formal, contact us at I & A Formalwear and Tuxedo Accessories. Always make a classic and elegant statement about what you’re wearing.

Tuxedo Wedding Accessories Miami. I & A Formalwear and Tuxedo Accessories in-house a large selection of tuxedo style and colors to choose from. Walk-Ins are welcome and we will dress you in minutes. Formal Attire for rental and sales “Tuxedos” and Accessories under designer labels, whether the customer is seeking refined classics or is looking for a modern edge. I & A Formalwear and Tuxedo Accessories provides and delivers fine products from: Carlo Pignatelli (Italy), Lord West, After Six, Fabian Couture and European Designers.