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Wedding Tuxedo Shirt

Wedding Tuxedo Shirt. Walk-Ins-Welcome we will dress you in minutes and walk-out with your well fitted formal pique tuxedo shirt. Arrive at your formal event in style with a fantastic, elegant attire white wing tip tuxedo shirt.

In addition, I & A Formal offers stylish tuxedos for SAME DAY TUXEDO RENTALS. Consequently, I & A F/W can help you with the accessory coordination for your appropriate tuxedo, men’s business suit and formal attire.

  • White wing tip pique tuxedo shirt. Sale at store only.
  • Fabric 65% poly 35% cotton. In house inventory. 
  • Wing tip pique 65%poly  35% cotton.



ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CALL 305 444-5451 LOCATION: 252 Miracle Mile; Coral Gables, FL 33134


Wedding Tuxedo Shirt. Walk-Ins-Welcome we will dress you in minutes and walk-out with your same day well fitted tuxedo shirt and accessories for your formal event. In addition, I & A Tuxedos offers SAME DAY TUXEDO RENTALS. In house a large variety of  hand made in USA cravat neckties to complement your formal attire.

Looking for a Tuxedo Waistcoat? In house large variety of waistcoat styles to choose from. Henceforth, neckties available in a variety of colors to choose from. Besides, if you have a particular color with your preferred fabric, I & A Formalwear offers at the right price hand-made cravat neckties. Please send your favorite material to us and we will gladly customize the necktie to coordinate with your formal attire colors.

Wedding Tuxedo Shirt. In the world of fashion, there are many distinctive styles to choose from so that you can find exactly what you want. Of course, an Italian fitted formal suit, tuxedo shirt and leather tuxedo shoes will be the final touch. The next time the occasion is special, and the dress code is formal, contact us at I & A Formalwear accessories. Our in-stock inventory includes Italian Suits, formal attire, and waistcoat with coordinate cravat ties. Italian Leather shoes to complement your Tuxedo, formal attire. Always make a classic and elegant statement about what you are wearing.