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Suits for Men in Miami

#TAVBP – Cravat Style Venetian. Color midnight-blue print fabric. Hand Made in USA. European Design. Other styles/colors available to complement your wedding attire. It is an important event for you to remember, have the Bride’s Father and Groom’s Men dress with  matching cravat style. Tuxedos and Accessories available for large events. In house inventory available for last minute formal attire needs.



Suits for Men in Miami, in house a large selection of Suit and Tuxedos available in blue, mid-night blue, gray, white, black and other colors.  Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing exceptional last minute services.
Suits for Men in Miami, offers a full line of tuxedo and Italian suits for sale. Most important, accessories under designer labels. Whether the customer is seeking refined classics or is looking for a modern edge, I&A provides and delivers the best of fine products from: Italian Designer, Carlo Pignatelli, Lord West, After Six, Fabian Couture and other European Designers. Tuxedo rental sizes start at men 34 small or regular to size 66 Regular in selected styles. Shirts sizes from 4 years old boys to men size 22 neck. Tuxedo vest available for rental or sales from men small to men 4xl.
Our in-stock program includes designer tuxedos and styles American Made, Italian and Asian tailored.  You can select from, classic formal, slim fit tuxedos and suits. Complement the formal attire with beautiful tuxedo shoes, large selection of designer vest ascot and cravat ties. Walk-In Welcome for last minute tuxedo or suit, rental or purchase. Single tuxedo items available for sale. Blazers, Trousers, Suits, Formal Wear, Vests, Formal Shoes, European Cravats made in USA, Shirts and Tuxedo Jewelry to complement the tuxedo or suit. Our Cravat Collection prices start at $128.00. For many years we remain committed to continue with a superior tuxedo quality and excellent services. To our loyal customers, thank you for your support. There are those special things that are uniquely American the sound of Clint Eastwood’s western voice. The look and feel of a convertible on a palm-lined street. In the world of fashion, Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis and Ike Behar Formal wear is a uniquely American classic. When the occasion is black tie and formal, like a wedding, a prom, or dinner party, the style and classic elegance of American Designers are always in fashion. There are many distinctive styles to choose from, you can find exactly what you want. Of course, coordinated Designer shoes, cravat, ascot or bow tie, vest and jewelry will be the final touch. The next time the occasion is special and the dress code is formal, think of I & A Suits for Men in Miami. Always makes a classically elegant style statement about the man who wear it.